Land Rover Defender Interior Upgrades

Land Rover Defenders truly cast a long shadow, and at East Coast Overhaul, much of the work we do goes into the exterior and the engine of these legendary trucks. We drastically improve performance and we make the paint pop. We bring Defenders into a modern age of emission standards, and turn heads with our unique modification work. In short, we look to bring a whole new elite standard for what a Land Rover Defender should be in the 21st century.

With all of that said, the one thing that never goes overlooked in the East Coast Overhaul facility is our ability and expertise when it comes to interiors. These Land Rover Defender interior upgrades can range from technologically sophisticated, to exquisitely hand-stitched customization. Most of the Defenders we work on are still stuck in the interior setups of decades past, but they can be reborn with expert craftsmanship and innovation. Nothing we do is outsourced, which gives us tremendous flexibility to design custom concepts on-site, directly from our client’s concept.

How far we can go with Defender interior upgrades is still to be determined as we are growing everyday. Some of our favorite techniques and designs include:


Hand Stitched Leather Interiors: With a team of skilled upholstery techs at our headquarters, we can push the boundaries of what can be accomplished in seating. From alligator skin interiors, to family crests sewn into headrests, the options are endless.

Marine Grade Carpet: Defenders are trucks designed to be on an outdoor adventure. Marine grade carpeting is a must have to keep the interior in outstanding shape, as it can easily weather anything your feet (or equipment) can throw at it.

LED Lighting: Interior lighting doesn’t need to be boring. Our systems and packages can transform and shine a new light with upgraded dashboards and front consoles, you’ll see your gauges in a completely new light.

Technology: Beyond the comfort is the 21st-century technology East Coast Overhaul can install to the inside of your rugged off-road truck. From Wi-Fi to touch screen GPS, backup cameras to JL Audio speaker systems; we can do it all. Defenders can become enhanced with the luxury of modern tools.

Land Rover Defender interior upgrades will look revolutionary, and yet feel one with these legendary trucks. Our years of Defender experience have positioned us in a unique place in the world of modifications, and we seek to use that ability.