The 4 Most Innovative Defender Modifications

East Coast Overhaul is a garage that prides itself on innovation and sophistication. It is not the simple changes that we seek, but challenging modifications that put our trucks on the vanguard of vehicle technology. Our Defender upgrades take a particular set of skills that most other truck modifiers simply do not have. We didn’t even dare open our doors until we had the best talent available to produce jaw-dropping alterations. Our technical ability is next level.

Land Rover itself has a long and storied history; they’ve recently celebrated their 70th birthday. With the Defender as the iconic centerpiece of that fleet, it falls on our shoulders to make sure that our modern innovations fit into a legacy of intelligent high-quality design. These four unique concepts are some of most innovative modifications we’ve made to this legendary vehicle.

  • Engines

Factory Defenders come with a unique engine, and to modify it, or, as we do at East Coast Overhaul, completely replace it, takes enormous skill. With our Chevrolet LS3 or LC9 options, our Defenders can do 0-60 seconds as quickly as seven seconds. This isn’t something the original designers of these incredible machines could have ever imagined, but we support these powerhouses with all the modifications necessary.

  • Puma Dashboards

Installing custom Puma dashboards is an art form that we have developed carefully over the years. These high-performance control consoles feature touch screen infotainment systems and hand-stitched leather trim. Defenders often built over a quarter of a century ago weren’t originally meant to house all of this technology, so in order to install these dashboards perfectly, true professionals are needed to take apart the entire front end of the vehicle.

  • Interiors

With LED lights, custom surround sound, and hand-stitched leather seating (with seat warmers), it’s needless to say that East Coast Overhaul will take your old Defender and make it into something that will raise some eyebrows among friends. Our interiors are technically daring, and you won’t see anything like them in other Defenders.

  • Paint

Land Rover has a very long history of using specialized paint colors, and aficionados of the trucks know the names by heart. We can use those exact paint codes, or we can create a completely unique color. We have a top-of-the-line paint shop on site to accomplish the color, precision, and shine you won’t see coming out of any factory.

Our Defender upgrades are on the cutting edge of what these trucks can handle in terms of performance and luxury. Seeing is believing, so always feel free to get into contact with us or swing by our Central Florida facility to see the magic at work. We’ll take your old Land Rover Defender to a higher ground.

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