Benefits of Doing a Defender LS3 Engine Swap

E.C.O. is the Defender overhaul division for E.C.D.; we offer upgrades and overhauls for clients who already own Defenders but would like them to fit better with their lifestyle. One of the most significant upgrades you can add to your build is a brand new engine. With better performance, efficiency and warranty options, there’s excellent reason to look into an LS3 engine swap for your Land Rover Defender.

Defender Performance

When upgrading your build’s current engine to an LS3, you’ll get a little more than speed. While getting to 60 mph in just under 7 seconds is no small feat, the true power with upgrading to the LS3 is a pure and smooth driving experience. Your build’s new engine can take you long distances more efficiently and even become your daily driver. The LS3 engine swap is a way to modernize your classic while still paying homage to its V8 history.

Upgrading your engine to the LS3 also leaves room for your beloved Land Rover Defender to receive some other much-needed upgrades, such as a new suspension and a new performance braking system to keep up with its new engine. With this engine block, you can also add bolt-on aftermarket upgrades to further your build’s performance over time. These upgrades purr and offer the power and superior reliability that is to be expected from the “go-anywhere” vehicle that is the Defender.


Speaking of reliability, probably the most beneficial aspect of upgrading to the LS3 engine is that with this upgrade, your build will be serviceable at any local GM dealer nationwide. No need to hunt down a specialty mechanic for simple service and maintenance. The new engine will fetch your Defender a 2-year, 50,000-mile warranty effective at any GM dealer near you.

As always, our team will also be available to assist you.

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