Express Your Personality with These Cosmetic Touches

Cosmetic touches you put on a car can go a long way beyond simply leaving an impression; they can represent your personality and the outgoing nature of your day-to-day life directly onto the chassis of the vehicle you drive. These cosmetic Land Rover Defender upgrades can take a vehicle from just a classic Land Rover Defender to your Land Rover Defender.

To fully explore the range of possibilities that can come to life on a versatile and elastic truck like a Defender, it’s critical to have thinkers and experts in charge of upgrading the vehicle. East Coast Overhaul can add unique, new elements to your traditional truck and some aspects you may have never before even thought of.

Sound and Sight

Custom-fit Morel speakers certainly didn’t come with the stock version of the Defender you own, but they can be installed now. You and your passengers will hear the difference instantly. Additionally, Our LED light packages can add a glow to your vehicle it’s never seen before. The sounds and sights of your Defender can truly represent you.

Premium Upholstery

Our hand-stitched leather interiors which are made on-site are a particular point of pride. In terms of customization and projecting a sense of yourself with your car, we can add things like monogrammed initials and accent stitching quite easily. We’ve also got the capability to transform your seats and dashboard into your favorite color combinations.

Accessories for Your Lifestyle

A Defender is a sporting truck, and it deserves the accessories that propel your active lifestyle.


  • Fishing: Ever seen custom fishing rods elegantly stored in a luxury truck? We’ve done it. We even have created a custom fold-out Defender based fish-cleaning station.
  • Camping: Defenders are ideal road-trip vehicles, especially if the Defender is in a more classic and rugged state. We can make yours even better equipped with modifications like snorkels, roof racks, and roof-top tents.
  • Racing: With a Chevrolet LS3 engine upgrade, join the exclusive club of truck owners that can do 0-60 in 6 seconds flat.



Why not drive a Defender in your favorite color? Paint is perhaps the most obvious cosmetic modification that can be made. When we paint a Defender, the vehicle is disassembled, prepped, and sprayed by hand and in-house.
With these Land Rover Defender upgrades, your vehicle can be taken to the next level, synched with your personality, and powered into the 21st century. We have the technology and the expertise. If something just isn’t quite up to your high standards with your current Defender, Contact us today to learn more about Land Rover Defender upgrades.

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