Take Your Defender to the Next Level with These 4 Upgrades

The Land Rover Defender is, in every sense of the word, a classic. Part of its allure and staying power over the years is the very history of its creation: from the humble shadows of World War II, over the decades of the 20th century with grit and heart, and slowly into the 21st as an iconic and unique truck rarely found in North America. Imagine if you could combine that heritage with the performance that you’d expect from a modern performance vehicle. With our Land Rover Defender upgrades, the two worlds of heritage and modern performance collide.

The ability to transform a Defender does not come overnight; we’ve worked on these vehicles for decades. We look to make these trucks perfect and go to great lengths to ensure that the absolute top-peak of quality is achieved. For the Land Rover Defender, we can take it to the next level in these four areas.

  • Engines: Often, engines are our primary focus and the one thing that only those with extensive Defender modification experience should be trusted with. Upgrading an engine can make your Defender feel like a whole new vehicle, from performance to ease of handling. Our LS3 and LC9 engines allow Defenders to merge onto the highway seamlessly and keep up with the quickest of them going from 0 to 60 in as little as six seconds.
  • Upholstery: With our customization options, you can go a range of directions with your Defender’s interior. Being surrounded by hand-stitched leather or other premium materials is another level of luxury car driving. If your Defender is your daily driver, custom upholstery will make a great deal of difference during your commute.
  • Paint: We have an on-site paint facility that can both enhance your current paint or give you an entirely new coat and look. Defenders at our paint facility aren’t rushed through like an assembly line. Everything is done by hand and exactly to your specification.
  • Accessories: You never know just where your Defender can go in the hands of professionals with decades of experience. Our accessory upgrade abilities are limited mainly to your imagination. Taking your Defender for a dip? Install a snorkel and marine-grade carpet. Interested in carrying your fishing poles at all times or going camping at a moment's notice? We can make that happen, too.

So, when your upgraded Land Rover Defender rolls back out of our build bay, prepare to see an entirely new truck that still has the charisma of a classic. Take it to the road to find out just how far we’ve pushed the innovative edge, and roll up to our Florida HQ anytime to see what we can accomplish for you legendary Defender.

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