We’ve Transformed Custom Upholstery Into an Art Form

A lot of attention goes into the upgraded engines and exterior accessories that East Coast Overhaul can build into a Defender. The speed, power, and wow-factor of seeing these upgraded Defenders in motion is often going to be the first thing that people notice. But, beyond that, a lot of attention needs to be paid to the part you’ll be spending all your time within: Defender interior upgrades.

No one customizes Defenders like we do. We have decades of experience which has led us to forging ahead in upholstery innovations. Our technical capabilities allow us to design and insert pretty much any interior that the client may want. This is true detailed truck-to-truck customization, not basic changes meant to trick the eye.

In addition to experience and capability, our builds are completed totally on site and all by hand. With leather covering as much of the interior you want, you’ll be hitting a jarring level of luxury for a truck with such incredible off-road capabilities.

Part art, part science: this is upholstery done with supreme calculation and skill. So just what can we do for your Land Rover Defender?

Design Types and Placement

We have an array of design types for you to choose from, and just where we place the upholstery is completely up to you. The options are endless: on the steering wheel, across the headliner, on the seats only, and more. Every option can be crafted by our experts to your exact specification.

Colors & Textures

After our upgrades, this won’t be your Grandpa’s Defender. We’ve got color and texture options to match any personality of preference.


Since we have an on-site upholstery facility doing all the work by hand, it gives us incredible latitude to personalize your interior. From stitch patterns to upholstery types, we can take unique designs as far as you wish.

Our Defender interior upgrades are created by artisans, and it’s not a service you’ll find in many places on the planet for a vehicle like the Land Rover Defender. We seek quality and perfection, and won’t rest until you are satisfied. Contact us for more information regarding custom upholstery.

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