4 Things You Can Do After a Land Rover Defender Engine Swap

A Land Rover Defender engine swap can open you up to a whole new world of driving. Defenders are known for many things including incredible accessories and unique design, but to get the most out of these iconic driving machines, it’s critical that at some point you can consider bringing that old Defender engine into the 21st century. To do it, you’ll need experts. Land Rover Defenders are designed like no other truck on the planet, and the upgrading of such a unique vehicle can only be pulled off by those with years of experience working on these vehicles. The mechanical experts at East Coast Overhaul know just the right moves to get you in the fast lane.

But, what specifically can you accomplish with a more powerful and reliable engine? Our custom engine work is no mere oil change or bolting on a cold air intake; this is a sophisticated technological approach to bringing your engine to the next level. Once on that level, the benefits become clear.

  • Speed Along With the Best of Them

Let’s face it; the one area in which a traditional Defender with a stock engine can struggle is jumping off the starting grid. Being buzzed in the passing lane by Porsche Macans and G Wagons is no fun. But, we have a solution for that. Our custom engine upgrades with the Chevy LS3 and LC9 can turn your clunky Defender into a sneaky straight line powerhouse. Prepare to be blown away by a D90 Defender that can do 0-60 in 6 seconds flat.

Check out the difference between an LS3 and a rebuilt Land Rover V-8 engine.

  • Better Handling

Beyond speed and power, our engine upgrades make the overall handling for your Defender better. With modern and cutting-edge engine specifications, the Defender can match anything on the ground in terms of ease of use for the everyday drive. In addition to swapping the engine, we install an updated transfer case, Chevrolet ECU, rebuilt axles, a high-performance braking kit, and many other mechanical details that support a new engine and increased handling capabilities. We also can install lowering suspension kits for a sportier, firmer ride and install front and rear sway bars.

  • Options

By switching out of the stock engine you have had under the hood of your Defender, you’ll open up a world of driving options like six speeds, manual or automatic transmissions, cruise control, and other modern touches previously unavailable to your classic car.

  • Long-term ability

Finally, by upgrading an aging engine, you’ll ensure that the cherished Land Rover Defender in your garage has many miles of road time ahead of it. Custom upgrades improve reliability and enhance usability in the big picture. Additionally, all of our LC9 and LS3 builds are backed by GM’s two-year, 50,000-mile warranty. If any issues arise, regardless of your location, your engine can be serviced at any GM dealer.  
To get the most out of your Land Rover Defender engine swap, you’ll need the best upgrade team working on it. East Coast Overhaul has decades of Land Rover Defender experience and a staff of creative designers that can bring new capabilities to your vehicle. Book your upgrade today, and truly see what your Defender is capable of.

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