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Defining the Ideal Defender Engine Upgrade

Having a world-class engine under the hood of a Land Rover Defender is an essential aspect of making it a true driving machine. Although the factory spec engine that you probably have in your version seems fine at the moment, an upgrade in performance and capability will absolutely change the way you drive. At East…
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What it Takes to Upgrade the Engine of a Defender

Land Rover Defenders are unique and complex vehicles. Most varieties are based on designs that stretch back deep into the 20th century, and most Defenders themselves were built as many as twenty or even thirty years ago. As a result, completing a Land Rover Defender engine upgrade takes considerable skill and care. It also takes…
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4 Things You Can Do After a Land Rover Defender Engine Swap

A Land Rover Defender engine swap can open you up to a whole new world of driving. Defenders are known for many things including incredible accessories and unique design, but to get the most out of these iconic driving machines, it’s critical that at some point you can consider bringing that old Defender engine into…
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